EPPS21 NLO nuclear PDFs presented in article:

The interface routines (analogue to EPPS16):

The grid files (A=mass number) :

  • A=3: EPPS21NLOR_3      ( Available from here )
  • A=4: EPPS21NLOR_4
  • A=6: EPPS21NLOR_6
  • A=9: EPPS21NLOR_9
  • A=12: EPPS21NLOR_12
  • A=16: EPPS21NLOR_16
  • A=20: EPPS21NLOR_20
  • A=27: EPPS21NLOR_27
  • A=40: EPPS21NLOR_40
  • A=56: EPPS21NLOR_56
  • A=64: EPPS21NLOR_64
  • A=84: EPPS21NLOR_84
  • A=108: EPPS21NLOR_108
  • A=119: EPPS21NLOR_119
  • A=131: EPPS21NLOR_131
  • A=184: EPPS21NLOR_184
  • A=195: EPPS21NLOR_195
  • A=197: EPPS21NLOR_197
  • A=208: EPPS21NLOR_208

The LHAPDF files:

  • The LHAPDF grids for selected nuclei are available in the official LHAPDF website (also here ). The EPPS21 LHAPDF grids correspond to the total PDFs of the nuclei (multiplied by x, divided by A) obtained from the free proton PDFs (CT18ANLO) and nuclear modifications as shown below.
  • For each nucleus, the LHAPDF grids contain 107 members:

0 = Central set of EPPS21 with the central set of CT18ANLO

1…48 = Error sets due to uncertainties in nuclear modifications

49…106 = Error sets due to uncertainties in baseline proton PDFs

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