EKS98s Parametrization of spatially dependent nuclear modifications to PDFs

Interface for spatially dependent nuclear modifications based on the EKS98 global analysis. Details can be found from the publication

  • I. Helenius, K. J. Eskola, H. Honkanen, C. A. Salgado
    “Impact-parameter dependent nuclear parton distribution functions: EPS09s and EKS98s and their applications in nuclear hard processes”
    e-print: arXiv:1205.5359 [hep-ph]. To appear in JHEP.


The package containing the c++ interface, grid files and an example of FORTRAN usage can be downloaded as one compressed file

Instructions can be found from the comments in the eks98s.cpp file.

Comments and questions: ilkka.helenius@jyu.fi, kari.eskola@phys.jyu.fi