Transport, accommodation and dining

Arriving in Helsinki

Upon landing in Helsinki you will find yourself at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. From there you have 3 options to get to the city center as well as taxi. They are:

  • The bus 615
  • The Finnair city bus (slightly more expensive, but faster than 615)
  • The regional train

More information can be found here.


Travelling within Helsinki is best done by public transport. It can be done by tram, bus, metro and regional train and its fast. Timetables can be accessed via:

Reittiopas (in English)

It is good to know a few addresses for use of the program, although one can input the names of places too such as e.g. central railway station, physics department, etc. Below are a few suggestions for getting around:

  • Workshop venue: Gustaf Hällströmin katu 2 a
  • Kamppi shopping complex: Urho Kekkosen katu 1
  • Central railway station: Kaivokatu 1
  • Main market square and harbour: K


Participants can apply for discount using the code QG at the Ava hotel or the code qg_helsinki at Holiday Inn: Helsinki exhibition and convention center or hotel Cumulus Kallio. The requests should be sent to varaukset[AT] for the Ava hotel, to helsinki.holidayinn[AT] for Holiday Inn and to kallio.cumulus[AT] for hotel Cumulus. All hotels are located relatively close to the campus.

For finding another place to stay in Helsinki, we recommend the usual links:





It may be an idea not to reserve accommodation very close to the physics department, as it is not located in the center of the city and local transport to the department is very convenient from the center of the city.


Finding a restaurant is easiest with the following website, although not all existing restaurants are marked on the map:

Restaurants in Helsinki