Cosmology Seminars

Cosmology Seminars


We have weekly seminars dedicated to Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (we also have other regular weekly meetings to discuss the latest results in our field). When available, former presentations can be downloaded from the past cosmology seminars pages.

Time: Wednesdays 14:15-15:15, during term time.

Place: room A315  (3rd floor of the Physicum building)

Format: 50′ + 10′ for questions

Contact: Francesco Montanari (francesco dot montanari at helsinki dot fi)


Scheduled Seminars

Spring Term

Autumn Term

  • 20.09.2017 Canceled Basem El-Menoufi (University of Sussex)
  • 28.09.2017 (Thursday), 14:15 room A311 Takeo Moroi (University of Tokyo)
    Big-bang nucleosynthesis and SUSY model with heavy sfermions.
    Abstract: In the first half of my talk, I am planning to explain the results of my recent study about the constraints on long-lived particles based on big-bang nucleosynthesis (BBN). Then, applying the results to supersymmetric models with unstable gravitino, I will show that a severe upper bound on the reheating temperature after inflation is obtained. In the second half, I will discuss that a supersymmetric model with heavy scalar fermions is a natural model suggested by the BBN constraint. I will discuss the phenomenology of such a model.
  • 04.10.2017
  • 11.10.2017
  • 18.10.2017 Takashi Toma (TUM Munich)
  • 25.10.2017 José Vieira (University of Sussex)
  • 01.11.2017 Tomo Takahashi (Saga University)
  • 08.11.2017 Klaus Dolag (MPA Munich)
  • 15.11.2017 Giuseppe Fanizza (Zurich University)
  • 22.11.2017
  • 29.11.2017 Felix Kahlhoefer (DESY)
  • 30.11.2017 (Thursday), 14:15 room A311 Nicola Tamanini (IPhT CEA-Saclay)
  • 13.12.2017 Matti Heikinheimo (Helsinki)

Past seminars