Cosmology Seminars

Cosmology Seminars


We have weekly seminars dedicated to Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (we also have other regular weekly meetings to discuss the latest results in our field). Former presentations are available from the past cosmology seminars pages. Please write to the contact below to join the mailing list.

Time: Wednesdays 14:15-15:15, during term time.

Place: room A315  (3rd floor of the Physicum building)

Format: 50′ + 10′ for questions

Contact: Sofie Koksbang, Francesco Montanari


Scheduled Seminars

Spring Term

  • 18.07.2018 Asuka Ito (Kobe U.)
    A strategy for detecting the bispectrum of stochastic gravitational waves.
    Abstract: The bispectrum of primordial gravitational waves is one of the keys to probe the early universe and the beyond standard model.In this talk, I give a method for detecting bispectra of stochastic gravitational waves. Generally, bispectra form a momentum triangle because of homogeneity of the universe. I show that an optimal filter function enables us to extract a specific configuration of the momentum triangle from the correlation of the signals. Applying this method to the pulsar timing array gravitational wave detector, as an concrete example, I argue about the dependance of positions of three pulsars to the sensitivity, which is called the overlap reduction function in the case of power spectra.

Autumn Term

Past seminars