Cosmology Seminars

Cosmology Seminars

We have weekly seminars dedicated to Cosmology and Astroparticle Physics (we also have other regular weekly meetings to discuss the latest results in our field). Former presentations are available from the past cosmology seminars pages. Please write to the contact below to join the mailing list.

Time: Wednesdays 14:15-15:15, during term time.

Place: room A315  (3rd floor of the Physicum building)

Format: 50′ + 10′ for questions

Contact: Sofie Marie Koksbang

Scheduled Seminars

Spring Term

Autumn Term

  • 04.09.2019 Jussi Väliviita (University of Helsinki and HIP)
    Title: Overview of Planck 2018 results; constraints on primordial isocurvature and tensor perturbations
    Abstract: Planck satellite surveyed the full sky 8 times in 2009 – 2013. The primary target was to measure the temperature and polarization anisotropies of the cosmic microwave background radiation from the largest scales down to very small (0.075°) angular scales, and deduce the implications for cosmological models. The first temperature maps and products were released in 2013, and preliminary polarization results were included in the 2015 publications. Most of the final legacy release papers, were 2015 analysis was improved, were submitted to arXiv and A&A in 2018, while the last of them “Planck 2018 results. V. CMB power spectra and likelihoods” appeared in the end of July 2019. In addition, Planck produced a large amount of astrophysical data. I will briefly discuss the 2018 Planck legacy release, the role of the Helsinki Planck team in the large collaboration, and then focus on the implications for the nature of primordial perturbations.
  • 06.11.19 Gerasimos Rigopoulos (Newcastle). TBA