Project: Ultrarelativistic Heavy Ion Collisions

Helsinki Institute of Physics, Theory Programme

Visits and talks

Updated: 02.01.2008


K. Tuominen, at SDU/Odense, 29.1.-9.2.
Seminar: "WIMP of the minimal walking Technicolor theory".

A. Kurkela, at University of Oulu, 1-2.2.

A. Hietanen, at University of Oulu, 5-16.2.

T. Renk, at Nagoya, Japan, 10.-21.2.

T.Renk, at HIP, 27.2.
HIP-seminar: "High p_T processes as a tool to probe bulk matter in heavy ion collisions"

T. Renk, at Long Island, USA, 28.2-6.3.
Talk at Stony Brook 1.3: "Prospects of Jet Tomography Using Hard Processes inside a Soft Medium"
Talk at BNL 2.3: "Dimuon transverse momentum spectra as a tool to characterize the emission region in heavy-ion collisions"

H. Paukkunen, at Rome, 2-6.4.

K. Tuominen, at University of Helsinki, Department of Physical Sciences, 5-6.3.

K. Kajantie, at Perimeter Institute, Waterloo, Canada, 13-25.5.

T. Tahkokallio, at University of Washington, Seattle, 28-31.5.
Talk: "The gravity dual of 1+1d Bjorken expansion"

T. Renk, at McGill University, Montreal, Canada, 13.6.
Talk: "Dimuon transverse momentum spectra as a tool to characterize the emission region in heavy-ion collisions"

K.J. Eskola, at Institut fur Theoretische Physik, J.W. Goethe- Universität, Frankfurt, 7-12.8.
Talk: "Global reanalysis of nPDFs"

T. Tahkokallio, at JYFL, 3-5.9.
Seminar: "Applications of Gauge/Gravity Duality to QCD and Heavy Ion Collision"

A. Kurkela, at Vienna University of Technology, 5-12 October
Talk: "Hot Yang-Mills Theory and The Center Symmetry".

K. Tuominen, at University of Oulu, Department of Physical Sciences, 10-12.9.

K. Kajantie, at JYFL, 11.10.
Seminar: "AdS/CFT"

K. Tuominen, at SDU/Odense, 16-22.10.

K. Tuominen, at University of Oulu, Department of Physical Sciences, 26-29.11.

H. Paukkunen, at Rome, 1-9.12.

K.J. Eskola, at University of Helsinki, Department of Physical Sciences, 10.12.


T. Renk, at Technical University of Munich, Garching, 5.-11.1.
seminar: The NA60 dilepton data - some theoretical ideas

K. Tuominen, at HYFL, 25.-27.1.2006

K. Tuominen, at NBI&Nordita, Copenhagen, 29.1.-10.2.

A. Kurkela, at Bielefeld, 17-22.4.

A. Gynther, at JYFL 18.4.
HEP-seminar: Pressure of the Standard Model

T. Renk, at Duke University, Durham, 4-9.6.

K. Kajantie, at CERN 4-10.6.

K. Kajantie, at JYFL 21.6.
HEP-seminar: "Gauge theory/gravity duality and finite temperature QCD"

Aleksi Kurkela, at University of Washington, Seattle, 18-22 July.

T. Renk, at CERN/TH 8-22.10.

K.J. Eskola, at HIP 20.10.
CoE proposals site visit, talk: "QCD matter"

K. Tuominen, at HYFL 25-27.10.

Aleksi Kurkela, at University of Southern Denmark, Odense, 12-16.11.
Talk: "Plaquette expectation value of three-dimensional SU(N) gauge theory and hot QCD"

Aleksi Kurkela, at Oulu, 27.11.-1.12.
Talk: "Plaquette expectation value and hot QCD"

T. Renk, at Frankfurt 17-18.12.
seminar:"Prospects of medium tomography using 2- and 3-particle correlations for a (semi-)hard trigger"

K. Kajantie, at JYFL, 20.12.


K.J. Eskola, at HIP 4.1.2005

K. Tuominen, at HIP 3.-5.1.2005

T. Lappi, at Duke University, Durham, 12-15.1,

T. Lappi, at Ohio State University, Columbus, 17-19.1.

T. Lappi, at BNL, Brookhaven, 20-21.1.

K. Kajantie, at CERN, 6.-14.2.

K. Tuominen, at NBI, Copenhagen, 7.-14.2.2005
Seminar: Polyakov loop and deconfinement dynamics

K.J. Eskola, at HIP, 14.4.
site visit of the CoE-referees, 2 talks

K. Tuominen, at HIP, 14.4.
site visit of the CoE-referees

H. Niemi, at HIP, 14.4.
site visit of the CoE-referees, talk

V. J. Kolhinen, at MIT, 2.5.

T. Lappi, at JYFL, 13.5.
Talk: Quark-antiquark production form classical gluon fields

K. Tuominen, at FIAS, Frankfurt, 6.-12.6.2005
Colloqium: Dynamical electroweak symmetry breaking and new composite Higgs theories.

H. Paukkunen, at DESY Zeuthen, 20.7.-13.9, 2005
DESY summer student program
Talk: Is Inverse Compton scattering a way to measure beam energy at International Linear Collider?

K. Kajantie, at CERN, 20.7.-1.8.

K. Kajantie, at JYFL, 15.-16.9.

M. Strickland, at JYFL, 11.-15.10.2005
HEP seminar: Hard-loop dynamics of non-abelian plasma instabilities

K. Kajantie, at JYFL, 17.-18.10.

K. Kajantie, at Institut für Theoretische Physik, Frankfurt, 4-8.12.
seminar: The initial state of little bang and classical fields

K. Tuominen, at NBI, Copenhagen, 6.-12.11.2005


Harri Niemi, at LBNL, 5.-10.1.2004

Vesa Kolhinen, at LBNL, 18-23.1.2004
Talk "Nonlinear corrections to the DGLAP equations; their effect to charm production"

Kimmo Tuominen, at Nordita, 10-17.2.2004
Talk at the Niels Bohr Institute, high energy seminar, 12.2.2004: "Confinement vs. Chiral Symmetry".

Kari J. Eskola, at HIP, 3.5.2004

K. Kajantie, at JYFL, 7.5.2004
talk: "Hadron masses at finite temperature: attempts to solve an ill-posed problem"

A. Hietanen, at CERN, 9-23.5.2004

Kari J. Eskola, at HIP 1.6.2004
URHIC review talk for the SAB of HIP,

K. Kajantie, at CERN 29.7.-7.8.2004

K.J. Eskola, at HIP, 29.11.2004

K. Tuominen, at HIP, 30.11.2004
talk: "New Technicolor Theories from Higher Representations"


Keijo Kajantie, participates in a Marie Curie research and training network meeting in Paris and visits Saclay, 25-28.1.2003.

Mikko Vepsäläinen, at CERN, 2-14.3.2003.

Tuomas Lappi, at Jyväskylä, 4.4.2003
talk "Classical fields in heavy ion collisions".

Keijo Kajantie, at Saclay, Paris, 25-30.4.2003.

Kari Rummukainen, at BNL, Brookhaven, 13-28.5.2003,
and MIT, Cambridge, 29.5.-14.6.2003.

Aleksi Vuorinen, at MIT, Cambridge, 18-25.5.
and at BNL, Brookhaven, 26-29.5.2003,
talks "The pressure of QCD at finite temperatures and densities".

Keijo Kajantie, at CERN, 5-15.6.

Keijo Kajantie, at CERN, 1-27.8.
talk: "Four-loop computations of the QCD free energy".

Kari J. Eskola, at HIP, Helsinki, 26.9.2003

Kimmo Tuominen, at Nordita, 17-21.10.2003

Tuomas Lappi, at Saclay, Paris, 26.10. - 1.11.
talk: "Particle production in the classical field model for heavy ion collisions".

Kimmo Tuominen, at HIP, Helsinki, 9.12.2003
talk: "Critical behavior of non order parameter fields"

Aleksi Vuorinen, at MIT, Cambridge, 9.-14.12.


Kari J. Eskola, at HIP, Helsinki, 14.-15.2.2002

Vesa Ruuskanen, at LAPP Annecy, 6.-9.3.2002

Keijo Kajantie, at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 29-30.4.2002,
talk "Comparing Different Approaches to Saturation",

Tuomas Lappi, at JYFL, 2.-3.5.2002,
talk "Classical Chromodynamics Simulations of Relativistic Heavy-Ion Collisions",

Kari J. Eskola, at HIP, Helsinki, 10.6.2002
talk for the Nordita Board: "Ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions"

Harri Niemi, CERN summer student at ALICE, CERN, 11.6.-30.8.2002

Sami Räsänen, participates in the ECT* Marie Curie Training Programme 2002, Trento, Italy, 1.-31.7. and 1.9.-31.10.

Mikko Vepsäläinen, at CERN, 24-30.8.2002

Keijo Kajantie, HIP seminar at Helsinki, 3.9.2002,
talk "Cosmological matter in the laboratory?"

Vesa Ruuskanen, LAPP Annecy, 2.-5.10.2002

Keijo Kajantie, at Saclay, Service de physique theorique, Paris, 2.-9.11.2002
talk "The last frontier: QCD pressure to order g**6 log(g)"

Keijo Kajantie, at JYFL, 28.11.2002

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