HIP Cosmology Group

 Note, this page contains outdated information for historical purposes only
The main interests of our group are inflation, cosmological perturbations, dark energy, baryogenesis, brane cosmology, neutrino cosmology and the CMB.
nuoli - arrow We participate in the Planck Surveyor Mission LFI Consortium
nuoli - arrow We belong to the EU network UniverseNet

For more information, consult Astroparticle Physics and Cosmology at the Theory Division of the Department of Physical Sciences of the University of Helsinki and the research interests page.


Kari Enqvist - Project Leader
Dmitry Podolsky - PostDoc
Tomi Koivisto – PhD
Janne Högdahl - graduate student
Teppo Mattsson - graduate student
Lotta Mether – graduate student
Vesa Muhonen - graduate student
Sami Nurmi – graduate student
Vappu Reijonen - graduate student
Touko Tahkokallio – graduate student
Maria Ronkainen - undergraduate student

Recent publications

  • Keijo Kajantie and Touko Tahkokallio: Spherically expanding matter in AdS/CFT [arXiv]
  • Reijo Keskitalo, Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Vesa Muhonen and Jussi Väliviita: Hints of Isocurvature Perturbations in the Cosmic Microwave Background [arXiv]
  • Kimmo Kainulainen, Vappu Reijonen and Daniel Sunhede: The interior spacetimes of stars in Palatini f(R) gravity [arXiv]
  • Kari Enqvist, Janne Högdahl, Sami Nurmi and Filippo Vernizzi: A covariant generalization of cosmological perturbation theory [arXiv]
  • Rouzbeh Allahverdi, Kari Enqvist, Juan Garcia-Bellido, Asko Jokinen and Anupam Mazumdar: MSSM flat direction inflation: Slow roll, stability, fine tunning and reheating [arXiv]
  • Keijo Kajantie, Touko Tahkokallio and Jung-Tay Yee: Thermodynamics of AdS/QCD [arXiv]
  • Tomi Koivisto and David F. Mota: Gauss-Bonnet Quintessence: Background Evolution, Large Scale Structure and Cosmological Constraints [arXiv]
  • Kari Enqvist and Teppo Mattsson: The effect of inhomogeneous expansion on the supernova observations[arXiv]
  • Rouzbeh Allahverdi, Kari Enqvist, Juan Garcia-Bellido and Anupam Mazumdar Gauge invariant MSSM inflaton [arXiv] [journal]
  • Kari Enqvist and Sami Nurmi Non-gaussianity in curvaton models with nearly quadratic potential [arXiv][journal]
  • Tomi Koivisto and David F. Mota: Cosmology and Astrophysical Constraints of Gauss-Bonnet Dark Energy[arXiv] [journal]
  • Tomi Koivisto: The matter power spectrum in f(R) gravity [arXiv] [journal]
  • Hannu Kurki-Suonio, Vesa Muhonen and Jussi Valiviita: Correlated primordial perturbations in light of CMB and LSS data [arXiv] [journal]
  • Kari Enqvist and Anupam Mazumdar: Cosmological consequences of MSSM flat directions [arXiv] [journal]
  • Kari Enqvist and Martin S. Sloth: Adiabatic CMB perturbations in pre – big bang string cosmology [arXiv][journal]